Rude Dude Hot Sauce was established in Riverside, CA in 2021. However the recipe is generations old and only passed down from father to son. For the past nine years I have worked to take a family recipe and elevate the level of heat while accentuating the core flavors. Now some of you might be saying…but how can you take tradition and make it better.

I’ll tell you, growing up in California with my awesome family has been the best place to develop a tasting pallet that is world class. In my home I grew up with parents that brought their cooking traditions from Guatemala & New Mexico. My brother also helped me understand the importance of pairing the right flavors as he was a connoisseur of some of the best restaurants and international cuisines. My sister taught me how to sweeten food with the right amount of finesse for the perfect bite.

When you combine all of these factors you start to see why I’ve been so passionate about this sauce. It represents all of the culinary experience carried from my family, and the need to share these flavors with you. With each bite you are getting my Dad telling me to take my time with each step of the cooking process, and to pay attention to the little additions. My Mom letting me know when the sauce is spot on when she advises me to put just the right amount of salt. My brother would be helping me to find the most exotic chilies and unique seasoning. And my sister would be there to give the final OK and claim a few jars to take home.

Together my family has help me make a sauce that is top notch and with each bite makes your tastebuds happy and come alive. Thank you for coming bye and I hope you enjoy the radical heat and sweet flavor.